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Beeldland is small production company for producing mainly television documentaries on culture, architecture, history and socially relevant subjects. The documentaries or series of television programmes are mostly broadcasted by Dutch public television stations. Not on a national  but on a regional  scale, the  so called  ‘provincial broadcast stations’, which

broadcast with a public licence, not a commercial license. Projects are almost exclusively financed by public and

non-commercial funds.


Beeldland has no other employees besides the owner/manager, and works with a group of professionals which take care of the camerawork, sound recordings, editing, producing, presenting, voice overs, art work etcetera. These professionals are independent craftsmen, who are contracted for each project separately. Beeldland has a large portfolio of television programs, documentaries, information films and corporate films. In the past years, the company has produced a series of successful documentaries called 'Gebruikte Stenen' (reused stones) aimed at developing public awareness on our heritage by the general public. In particular, in Gebruikte Stenen Gelderland (2015), Gebruikte Gronden(2015) and Gebruikte Stenen Utrecht(2016) that were funded by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, FIEN among many others. This series of documentaries focused on unknown industrial heritage buildings in the province of Gelderland and Utrecht and old farmhouses/land involving local people, heritage experts and architects that developed the design of reuse of these buildings. Archive/historical material enriched the information to the public. For more information:

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