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Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in The Netherlands, founded in 1956, is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology. Our education, research and knowledge valorization contribute to: 1. science for society: solving the major societal issues and boosting prosperity and welfare by focusing on the Strategic Areas of Energy, Health and Smart Mobility; for industry: the development of technological innovation in cooperation with industry; 3. science for science: progress in engineering sciences through excellence in key research cores and innovation in education.

The University is structured around 9 departments and 11 service entities. TU/e has 3,055 employees (33% international) and 2,044 academic staff. The Students' population includes: 4,700 Bsc, 3,070 MSc and 1,150 PhD candidates. The Bachelor's and Master's programs are incorporated in a Bachelor College and Graduate School respectively. Since September 2015 both programs are taught in English. TU/e offers a variety of high-quality courses developed in line with the life-long learning principles: 11 three-year Bachelor’s programs (BSc); 22 two-year Master’s degree programs (MSc) and11 two-year designer programs (PDEng). TU/e offers double degree programs. These may be converted into joint degree programs.

TU/e accommodates 9 research groups and participate with numerous research institutions and research schools. About 15research projects are under development and in collaboration with foreign research organizations/partner universities.

Cooperation in Europe is strongly supported by participation in the institutional networks, as Eurotech Universities, CLUSTER, CESAER and the Santander Group. The TU/e also participates in the Leo-net network to improve the opportunities for students to find internships.

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