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Cross-disciplinary pedagogies


‘Cross-disciplinary pedagogies’ consists of categorization and analysis of existing learning-teaching-methods & pedagogies and best practices on climate resilient heritage, and their implementation in academia. This research paves the way to the elaboration of the course modules and related activities. The e-book will represent a literature review of existing methods and practices carried out through peer-review selection.


Learning course

​e-CREHA Learning course


The activities carried out throughout the e-CREHA project will deliver the e-CREHA learning course to raise students’ awareness on heritage contribution to climate change and to acquire new knowledge and a new set of skills for the development of a climate-resilient European heritage.


The e-learning course will offer tailored training to students in the Built Environment and it will focus on four sections:


a. RESILIENCE (built heritage and resilient concepts)

b. IMPACT(built heritage and impact of climate change)

c. VULNERABILITY (heritage as a resource for climate change) 

d. ADAPTATION (resilient heritage solutions.)


The course will consist of modules, lectures, videos, quizzes/games, interviews with experts, assignments and students’ virtual forum/s. It will also include on site fieldwork.

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