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INSA Strasbourg is a State institution of Scientific, Cultural and Professional teaching. The architectural training in the architecture department of INSA Strasbourg is marked by an interdisciplinary approach that conjugates architecture and engineering in a fruitful manner being the place of an obvious collaboration between these disciplines. Taking advantage of this particular context and its heritage, this training is often the place of experimentation or educational innovations.


INSA Strasbourg (in numbers): approximately 1,700 students / More than 300 graduates per year / 35% fellows / 30% female students / 12% foreign students / 111 persons teaching and research staff / 103 persons administrative and technical staff / 290 external speakers / 27,000 m² working area / Consolidated budget: 22 M €


The main missions and scopes of work of INSA Strasbourg are:

  • the training of architects and engineers,

  • the high-level scientific and technological research,

  • the continuing education of engineers and technicians and

  • the professional integration and dissemination of scientific and technical culture.


Anxious to transmit the values of the INSA Group to its students, INSA grants a great importance on openness to others and in general openness to the world. INSA cultivates and incarnates the desire to learn and to innovate with the aim of better understanding the world and acting in business.

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