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April, 2022

e-CREHA open webinar | 28 April, 2022


''Boosting resilience of Europe’s cultural heritage to climate change''

The e-CREHA webinar titled “Boosting resilience of Europe’s cultural heritage to climate change” invites students, researchers, tutors, experts, professionals and policy makers to poster submissions on cross-cultural pedagogies in Heritage Learning, which presents best practices from both the academic and professional practice fields such as architecture and built environment, heritage studies, engineering, design, climate science, software technologies and informatics, tourism and geography, etc. 

May, 2023

Seminar Series | 17-19 May, 2023


''About Climatic Heterotopias''

In the realm of the mind and the physical, where boundaries blur and social conventions fade away, lies the climatic heterotopia. It is a place of wonder and awe, where the laws of nature and society are bent to create a harmonious flow energy and matter. Inspired by the heterotopia concept of Foucault this highly symbolic realm is designed to facilitate the flow of life force, pulsing and throbbing in harmony with the rhythm of the universe. It is a space where the environment is revered and cherished, and the physical design of the space is a masterpiece of art and engineering, perfectly balanced and intricately woven... 

August, 2023

e-CREHA Seminar


A two-day e-CHREA seminar at the annual meeting of EAAE will take place.

 The modules will be presented and discussed during this event. Inspirational speakers, well experienced on Heritage & Climate education, will be invited to elaborate on and address to the participants the significance of the theme and objectives of the project.

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